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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Check this out

I was reading the news from yesterday, and this little story caught my eye: "White House lashes out at Fox News" I scroll through it, and get to this little nugget:

News, it isn't unprecedented for a president and his administration to feud openly with the media. George W. Bush and CBS came to blows in 2004 after Dan Rather alleged on 60 Minutes II that Bush had used his family's connections to manipulate his enlistment in the National Guard to avoid serving in combat in Vietnam, an incident that led to the firing of CBS producer Mary Mapes and badly tarnished Rather's reputation as an objective newsman.
That's it, right there. Not ONE SINGLE MENTION of the fact that Dan Rather and SEE-BS news used a completely and totally fake memo in their attempt to derail George W. Bush. Not one mention of the forgery that was so obviously a fraud that any idiot with two functioning brain cells could tell it was fake. Not one mention of the fact that CBS "News" got caught flat out LYING. Not one mention of the fact that CBS "News" got caught MAKING SHIT UP.

In all the kerfuffle about Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs, let's not forget that before LGF went off the deep end into loony-land, it was LGF that put up the proof that the memo Dan Rather was trying to pass off as an authentic 70's era military memo was created in MICROSOFT WORD, using the default type and default formatting. It was such an obvious fake that it exposed Dan Rather as a worthless, partisan hack who had to business being anywhere near a news room.

But Mr. Brett Michael Dykes doesn't even see fit to mention it in his little story. And they wonder why we don't trust the media any more?

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