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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Red Lion

So, if you're in the Western Wisconsin/Eastern Minnesota/Northern Iowa area, and you want a nice, scenic drive, I-35 up the Mississippi River is just unbelievable.

And while you're taking that nice scenic drive, you'll pass through the village of Victory, Wisconsin. If you blink you'll miss it, so DON'T BLINK! While you're passing through Victory, Wisconsin, you'll see a sign for the Red Lion Pub and Eatery.

Stop there. Seriously, don't ask why, just stop there and go on in.

The Mrs. and I were out on a motorcycle ride today, and it was getting on to supper time so we were on the lookout for a place to eat. I saw the big "RED LION PUB" sign and had to hit the brakes. We pulled in not quite knowing what to expect since we were in a tiny little town. Would it be good? Bad? So-so? Would it at least feed us well?

Oh. My. Goodness.

We walked in, and they had a beer list at least 100 beers. They claim to have 80 imports. I didn't count, because after finding the Old Rasputin Stout I didn't care how many they had, I'd found the beer I wanted. The Mrs. had the fish and chips (Dusted, which means splashed with whiskey, rolled in spices and then fried) and I had the Toad in a Hole (sausages, mash, and gravy over Yorkshire Pudding). Holymoly. The food was so good we forgot we even had beers sitting in front of us. For the next ten minutes the Mrs. and I were stuffing our faces and muttering "Oh damn this is good! Here, try this! Doesn't it just melt in your mouth? Ooooo, I want a piece of THAT!" We were having foodgasms.

After dinner, we sat there belching, and I decided that since we were stuffed full of good food and good beer, it was only fitting that we had dessert. So we had the spotted dick with vanilla ice cream.

Did I mention the huge beer list? I did? Good.

All in all we stuffed ourselves, consumed damn good beer and all at a price that didn't kill our wallet. In fact, for the quality of food that we got it was a hell of a deal. The food was so damn good that after dinner all the Mrs. and I could to was sit there, belching quietly and smiling at each other. It's not just a restaurant that we might hit if we go back, this is a restaurant that we'll plan a trip around visiting.

They have Indian food too.

If you're in the area, stop there and eat. You won't be sorry.

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