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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Michelle Obama: The newest liberal victim

As President Barack Obama campaigns to generate backing from voters for his health-care overhaul proposal, the first lady joined the effort today with a more focused pitch.

Michelle Obama said women are being “crushed by the current structure of our health care” because they often are responsible for taking care of family illnesses, arranging checkups and monitoring follow-up care.

She shows such complete and total ignorance in that statement that I can barely begin to count the ways, so let me give you two.

1. Unlike socialized medicine we are able to make appointments and the doctors actually try to help us get better instead of waiting all day for doctors who misdiagnose because they don't care because they are completely overburdened to meet their quote so they can bring home something that resembles minimum wage!

2. Hey honey, it's not me that spread my legs for you to have that child. Having children is a life choice, just like having a pet. If you can't handle it, there are more than a dozen forms of birth control. More over this just brings me back to there being a reason for traditional roles in the home. In today's society one person job will always suffer for the children and it is usually the wives. But an even bigger travesty in this is all the women who have chosen to become single mothers and the unwitting fathers are frequently the victims.

But this is just my two cents worth, maybe women are being crushed by their choices, but I don't think it's the current structure of our healthcare.

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