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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Obama holds his hand over his heart...

For Unknown Communist Soldier
But Barack Hussein Obama shows no respect for America...
Gateway Pundit : Obama Won't Admit the US Won the Cold War (Video)
So, we can't even say we won?
Ace : Obama To Russia: Hey Guys, Thanks For Ending The Cold War
"And then, within a few short years, the world as it was ceased to be. Now, make no mistake: This change did not come from any one nation. The Cold War reached a conclusion because of the actions of many nations over many years, and because the people of Russia and Eastern Europe stood up and decided that its end would be peaceful." -- Barack Hussein Obama
That's who ended the Cold War peacefully? Really? Not the generations of Americans who stood watch for decades deterring Soviet expansionism? Not dissidents who rotted in gulags for years keeping the flame of liberty alive during the long winter of communist rule?

It certainly wasn't Ronald Reagan who broke the paradigm which said the Soviet rule was cast in stone, contained perhaps but never to be rolled back.

America...just one of many nations, nothing special.
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