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Monday, July 13, 2009

Computer infected

So I turned my computer off last Monday before I left. I came back yesterday, turned the computer on, and it wouldn't recognize my secure network.

Did I mention how much I hate Windows? Did I mention how much I hate the virus known as Windows Vista? Have I mentioned that I cannot stand Microsoft?

I'm running an end-around right now just to get online on my own network. Because of Windows Vista. This worthless piece of shit isn't an operating system, it's a pile of crap code sandwiched between two pieces of fail and wrapped up in a box of fuck-you-very-much. The hardware on this laptop is the best that I've ever owned, and if it had an actual operating system instead of the Windows Vista Virus, I would be able to just scream through all the tasks I have to do.

Instead? It's slower than XP, less stable than Windows ME, and the number one reason why I will be buying an Mac the next go around.

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