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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Well, that was..... disgusting.

Yeah, I'm back. Yes, I haven't been blogging in a week. Look, I've been gone, so sorry, and besides, I'll refund your money if you're not satisfied, capiche?

But i get back, and what do I see? This. And this.

Newsweek editor Evan Thomas brought adulation over President Obama’s Cairo speech to a whole new level on Friday, declaring on MSNBC: "I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God." ......

Thomas elaborated on Obama as God, patronizingly explaining: "He's going to bring all different sides together...Obama is trying to sort of tamper everything down. He doesn't even use the word terror. He uses extremism. He's all about let us reason together...He's the teacher. He is going to say, ‘now, children, stop fighting and quarreling with each other.’ And he has a kind of a moral authority that he – he can – he can do that." In response, Matthews wondered: "If there's a world election between him and Osama Bin Laden, he's running a good campaign." Thomas agreed: "Yes, he is."

Oh lord, help us all. This kind of worshipping is what makes me call Obama the Liberal Lord and Messiah. Don't tell me the Left doesn't worship this guy - I HAVE PROOF THAT THEY DO! And as Ace says:

I am not overstating things when I say that Obama could ask for blow-jay from pretty much any man in the media and get, at the very least, a shy apology and a raincheck.

If Obama asked for a blowjob from the MSM, they would be on their knees giving his balls a tongue-bath just as fast as they could get his fly undone.

I'm really just ready to vomit. If we had an objective media in this country, I'd bet my whole paycheck that Obama wouldn't get elected. The Drive-By Media is his propaganda corps. Rope, Tree, Journalist - Some Assembly Required.

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