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Monday, June 29, 2009

On the Honduran "coup"

And yes, I put scare quotes around the word "coup", because despite the AP's breathless pronouncement of such, and despite our government's ill placed and ill advised pronouncements, it's not a coup. Just to recount a few points -

The former Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya, was limited by the Honduran constitution to a single four-year term. Zelaya happens to be a Leftist, and like all Leftists he didn't give a shit about his country's constitution when it got in the way of his personal power grab. So he decided to hold a referendum in direct violation of his country's constitution, in order to remain the president after his four year term.

The Supreme Court of Honduras said the referendum was illegal, and would not allow the Honduran government to print up any ballots or do anything to hold Zelaya's referendum. So Zelaya gets a bunch of ballots from his pal Hugo Chavez. The Supreme Court of Honduras forbade the Honduran military from conducting any polls or distributing any ballots. The top general in Honduras tells Zelaya that he won't obey any illegal orders, so Zelaya fires him. The Honduran courts tell Zelaya to re-instate the general, and Zelaya tells them to fuck off. Zelaya finally leads a mob to break into a military base and get the ballots that his pal Hugo Chavez sent. At that point, the military arrests him and ships him off to Costa Rica.

Here's a good run-down of it.

While Honduran law allows for a constitutional rewrite, the power to open that door does not lie with the president. A constituent assembly can only be called through a national referendum approved by its Congress.

But Mr. Zelaya declared the vote on his own and had Mr. Chávez ship him the necessary ballots from Venezuela. The Supreme Court ruled his referendum unconstitutional, and it instructed the military not to carry out the logistics of the vote as it normally would do.

The top military commander, Gen. Romeo Vásquez Velásquez, told the president that he would have to comply. Mr. Zelaya promptly fired him. The Supreme Court ordered him reinstated. Mr. Zelaya refused.

Calculating that some critical mass of Hondurans would take his side, the president decided he would run the referendum himself. So on Thursday he led a mob that broke into the military installation where the ballots from Venezuela were being stored and then had his supporters distribute them in defiance of the Supreme Court's order.

The attorney general had already made clear that the referendum was illegal, and he further announced that he would prosecute anyone involved in carrying it out. Yesterday, Mr. Zelaya was arrested by the military and is now in exile in Costa Rica.

And this is supposed to be a coup? Hmmmmm.... since when does ENFORCING THE LAW OF THE COUNTRY AND SAID COUNTRY'S CONSTITUION EQUAL A COUP????

And of course team Obama jumps right in defending Zalaya, because really, there hasn't been a communist dictator that the Democrat American Communist Party wouldn't coddle up to. Hey Obama? When you're siding with Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, you're on the wrong fucking side, you damned shithead. Yeah, people were getting SHOT IN THE FUCKING HEAD while they protested in Iran, and Team Obama yawned out some half-assed platitude about how the world was watching, but let one ball-gargling communist get put in his place after they try to violate their country's constitution, and Obama is all over that!

I hope that Honduras continues to tell brainless asshats like Obama and Chavez to take a flying fuck at a rolling donut. There's one less Leftist in power in Latin America, and that's a good thing, no matter what Obama the fucking idiot says.

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