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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Well, I wish I could say that I don't believe it

But I do.

Critical Updates Below: Red State, American Thinker, Joey Smith and Reliapundit provide anecdotal and quantitative evidence that would appear to confirm a decided bias against dealers who donated to GOP causes or to anti-Obama Democrats.

Special note for moonbats: no one here is saying that the sole criterion for closing a dealership was partisanship. What we ask is: does it seem odd that the list of closed dealerships appears to have contributed a grand total of $200 to Barack Obama and millions to GOP candidates/causes?

Quote from an attorney who Deposed Chrysler's president last week: "It became clear to us that Chrysler does not see the wisdom of terminating 25 percent of its dealers... It really wasn't Chrysler's decision. They are under enormous pressure from the President's automotive task force."

Stay tuned. Data crunching is underway.

Yep. Government control of the auto industry means that the government can control who stays in business and who doesn't. And don't tell me Obama wouldn't do it. He'll do anything he wants and get away with it because Congress is nothing more than a rubber stamp for his actions.

Armed insurrection sounds better every single day.

Found via Gateway Pundit.

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