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Monday, April 13, 2009

Good news

One American saved, three Somali pirates finally attain "good" (i.e. ambient temperature) status.
Navy SEAL snipers on the fantail of a destroyer cut down three Somali pirates in a lifeboat and rescued an American sea captain on Easter Sunday. The surprise nighttime assault in choppy seas ended a five-day standoff between a team of rogue gunmen and the world's most powerful military.
It's about time. And it's far PAST time for the US to start blasting the pirates right out of the water. This isn't a movie. Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are not cruising the waters off the coast of Africa.

As a side note - the decision to take the pirates out came from the Captain of the US Navy ship. I truly hope he keeps his job, considering the mentality of the current Administration.

UPDATE: Big Dick has part of the transcript of Obama's speech regarding the pirates meeting their maker.

What a classless fuck. What a whiney, sniveling piece of shit. I can't ever remember Bush finger-pointing at Clinton like this, and Clinton left things in far worse condition than Bush did.

Gawd, what a sad, little pathetic man Obama is.

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