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Sunday, March 22, 2009


So, yeah, anyways, all you moonbats out there who wanted "peace", tell me....

Earlier this month, the Chinese started harassing an unarmed Navy exploration vessel, requiring the US to send armed escorts into the international waters of the South China Sea. North Korea is about to launch an ICBM with a reported range that easily includes American territory. Moscow has flipped Kyrgyzstan and put our supply routes into Afghanistan in jeopardy.

Just how is that whole electing an complete and total amateur, a spineless pissant, a weak jellyfish, a world novice, an unprepared do-nothing junior senator with nothing but glib phrases... how's that working out for ya, anyways?

Biden was right; they’re testing the mettle of the new President. Evidentally, they’re finding that he doesn’t have much, and they’re becoming more and more arrogant about their provocations.
I'd really love to know how prostrating ourselves in front of the world's tyrants is supposed to make us safer. Because that's what this administration's defense policy seems to be. "Oh, but I'm not George Bush! I'm a nice guy! I have Hope and Change on my side! Let's be friends!" Yeah, real coherent defense policy. We already knew why the terrorist groups around the world wanted Obama to win. Now we see why China and Russia wanted him to win as well. Because now they can do anything they want around the world, and that jug-eared dipshit won't so a single thing to stop them.

Hope and Change! Hope and Change! Hope and Change! Yeah, a great slogan for brain-dead fucktards who are incapable of understanding more than one sentance at a time, but not a real good defense policy.

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