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Monday, March 23, 2009


SEATTLE - Seattle will be a one-newspaper town after Tuesday, when the 146-year-old Seattle Post-Intelligencer prints its last edition.

The P-I will continue to live on the Internet with a much smaller staff.

Parent company Hearst Corp. says it has failed to find a buyer for the newspaper, which it put up for sale in January after nine years of financial losses.

The end of the print edition leaves The Seattle Times as the only major daily in the city.

The announcement comes about two weeks after Denver's Rocky Mountain News published its final edition.

I don't know about the Rocky Mountain News, but the Seattle PI was nothing more than another Leftist rag, spewing biased opinion as "news". Choke on it and piss off, you Leftist rag. I'll be drinking to your demise, and hoping that your online news goes under as well.

I know that there will be people bemoaning the loss of another newspaper, and talking about how this somehow hurts the country, but we didn't lose a "newspaper". We lost another arm of the Democrat American Communist Party propaganda machine. They didn't print the news, unless it was in the Sports section. They printed a load of biased crap, and I wouldn't use the PI to wrap up fish or line a birdcage. If I wanted Communist propaganda when I lived in Seattle, I'd just grab a copy of the Seattle Weekly. It was free, and the bias was the same.

When the New York Times goes under, I'm throwing a party. You'll all be invited.

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