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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there

This article from the N.Y. Times discusses the possible senarios of how Goverment run healthcare is going to work and how it competes with private sector health insurance. It discusses a number of options including the government demanding lower prices than private sectors are able to negotiate. Of course this is going to happen. That is what Medicade and Medicare have been doing for years. What they pay does not even cover the cost of overhead in most cases. We knew this was going to be a downfall from the minute it was first mentioned. I think that Private Insurance is going to have to find ways to compete by giving their insured better coverage. Universal healthcare will be limited. Doctors currently and in the past have been able to decide not to take Medicade and Medicare, and a lot of them don't. I think we may see many doctors switch to cash only. Unless providers are still allowed to choose to take it or not, with this socialist plan, which I highly doubt, all of the good providers will be gone and we might as well be in England, waiting in line for essential services!

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