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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So, ya buy any gold yet?

I mean, once Kommisar Obama and his corrupt Communist Congress finish destroying our economy, I figure that those paper Federal Notes will be useful only for wiping your ass with. You're gonna need some hard currency, people. Or something you can barter.

I have a few skills that can be put to good use, both in woodworking, leatherworking, gardening, basic skills of that nature. The Mrs. ability to cook will come in handy. And the fact that we've been making most of our own food from scratch means that we have practice.

Oh, and by the way - I consider the fact that Chucky The Schmuck Schumer has any influence on how this country is run, cause enough for individual States to secede from the Union.

The "chattering classes" (that would be you and me, folks!) don't care about wasteful spending, you slimy sack of shit? Are New Yorkers so retarded that they keep electing that worthless fucking asswipe time and time again? Why yes, yes they are.

Are you a New Yorker who didn't like what I just typed? Too bad. You've got Chucky the Commie Schmuck, Charlie "Taxes? What taxes?" Rangel, you had Hillary "Hay y'all! Ah'm frum Niew York Citay!" Clinton.... dear lord, what's been put into the water supply of NYC anyways? I know there are good people in NYFC. My advice? GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! SAVE YOURSELVES BEFORE YOU DROWN IN THE TIDALWAVE OF MARXIST IDIOCY!

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