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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama Spend-O-Rama

This is a very interesting article explaining why Senator Wayne Allard will now be voting against his own bill. I quite honestly find this almost humorous is a very dark way since just this week Obama had his "fiscal responsibility" summit.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Sen.Wayne Allard (R-Co.) introduced Amendment 4246 into the Senate budget debate. The amendment, which Allard calls “The Obama Spend-o-Rama” proposes funding 111 of the 188 spending proposals put out so far during Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Ill.) presidential campaign. (These were the proposals which Allard’s staff had time to analyze before the GOP leadership asked him to offer the amendment on the floor.) According to Allard, “There are another 77 proposals with unknown cost estimates that will add billions to this number.” (Click here to read Senator Allard’s Fiscal Responsibility Floor Statement.)

Allard freely admits that he will oppose his own amendment and urges other Senators to do the same. But, as a senior Senate staffer pointed out to HUMAN EVENTS, “Let’s see how many Senators who have endorsed Obama will actually vote for his budget.”

“So if Congress decides to widen the pool of taxpayers footing the bill, it would have to raise taxes on the top 5% by 38%; or the top 10% by 32%; or the top 25% by 26%; or the top 50% of taxpayers by 23%. The top 50% of American taxpayers, who already pay 96.9% of all federal income taxes, are those who earn $31,000 (AGI) or more.


Obama Votes Against His Own Platform

When Obama was forced to the floor to vote against the amendment he gave a hard glare to the Republican side of the aisle and said, “Hey Allard, You working this hard?” Allard only wanted to raise the issue of run away taxing and spending, and joined Obama in voting against the measure which lost 97-0.

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