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Friday, January 02, 2009

OK, all you muzzle loader shooters

Help out a newbie here.

I took the new boomstick out for a test run today. I've got maxiball bullets. Tried to load them with a patch, but it wouldn't go down. It was so tight that the starter was leaving an imprint on the top of the bullet as I tried to get it to go down, and the cotton was actually getting cut in a few places at the bottom of the bullet. They went in without a patch, but I had no accuracy, which I think is because I don't have the seal that a patch is supposed to give. The patches I've got are the pre-lubed cotton, .005 inch thick. I'm using .50 cal maxiball lead cast bullets. This is a brand new gun, the barrel is fine, and right now I'm assuming that any and all problems with accuracy are caused by operator headspace and timing.

Any ideas?

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