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Thursday, January 29, 2009

If someone asks you

Why the spending spree being pushed by Kommisar Obama and Botox Pelosi will not and cannot work.

Ask that person where the money for all of that spending is going to come from. It can only come from one of two places - either government borrows it, or they take it from American tax-paying citizens.

Which means that in order to pay for that massive pile of crap being pushed forward, the FedGov is either going to put us over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT, or they are going to TAKE ONE TRILLION DOLLARS FROM U.S. CITIZENS. And neither of those options are going to help the economy. BOTH of those options can only HURT our economy. So no matter WHAT is in that bill, it will not, CANNOT pull us out of a recession, it can only send us deeper INTO that recession.

The Government cannot create money or jobs. Sorry, they just can't. Government can only TAKE money and jobs from somewhere else.

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