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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Remember what I said about President Bush?

Just a couple of days ago?

Yeah. Don't think the military doesn't know who supports them and who doesn't.

President-elect Obama stopped by the Marine Corps base in Hawaii Kaneche Bay where servicemen and -women were eating Christmas dinner in Kailua Thursday evening.

“Just wanted to say hi, hey guys,” Obama said as he walked into the Anderson dining hall which was decked out in Christmas decorations.

The diners represented seven military units -- Marine and Navy -- some of whom were joined by their families for Christmas dinner.

As Obama entered the room, it was absent of the regular fanfare of cheering and clapping. The diners were polite, staying seated at their respective tables and waited for the president-elect to come to them to stand up.

There's a little phrase in the Army, that probably exists in the other services as well: If you have to, respect the rank. Meaning, you can find someone in your leadership chain completely repugnant, but you still have to show that person the respect due their rank.

Which is what these troops did.

We're not stupid, despite what the deranged Leftists think. We cannot and do not respect someone who has been calling our victory a failure. We cannot and do not respect someone who has slandered the troops to gain the votes of the Far Left. We cannot and do not respect someone who only cares about us when he needs a photo op.

It's going to be a long four years for us in uniform.

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