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Monday, December 29, 2008

9 inch nails is torture

Michael Laprarie at Wizbang reports Music no longer hath charm
"Earlier this month, Reprieve and the U.K. Musicians Union launched Zero dB, a "silent protest" over the use of music in interrogations. According to Reprieve, many of its clients have been subjected to hours of music played at deafening volume -- sometime for days or even weeks on end. And the BBC has reported on a particularly insidious practice: using the theme songs from Sesame Street and Barney to break the will of prisoners." -- Wired
What we have here is the convergence of two interesting ideas. First, the fact that groups like Nine Inch Nails are freely admitting that their music is a form of torture. Second, the fact that "torture" has been defined down to such things as forcing people to endure Nine Inch Nails songs against their will.

...does this mean that PBS is torturing our children whenever they air Sesame Street and Barney?
They would've tried breaking the terrorists at Gitmo with Barry Manilow but they knew the chances of survival were too low, and the risks of collatoral damage to the interrogators far too high, to justify using 'The' BMM.

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