Day by Day

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Periodic Health Assessment. It's an annual check-up the Army does to ensure that you're still in good working order, all parts are accounted for, and that nothing is broken. I had one earlier this week. The following day, I had a dental exam. Funny part about that is that they had to take my blood pressure at the dental exam. Don't know why. But I got to have my blood pressure checked two days in a row, giving me an idea of what it is.

When I was in Puerto Rico, my blood pressure was running 140 over 90 on average. The Ragin' Mrs. like to joke that Puerto Rico was killing us. We went there looking young for our age, and came back looking old. I went grey while I was there.

Anyways, my medical checkup. Yes. My BP now? 118 over 79. In about three and a half months, I went from having high blood pressure down to normal.

Amazing what happens when you leave a hellhole.

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