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Monday, November 03, 2008

One day left

Until the nation votes. And in the case of the Democrat American Communist Party, votes again. And again.

That's why we need people to vote McCain so badly. So that we can counteract the cheating and fraud of the Left.

I'm going to be soooooo happy once all the political ads are off the air. I turn the channel every time one of them comes on the radio. And if anyone you know starts talking about how great Obama is, ask them how they know. Because he still hasn't released any of his records. He's an enigma built on bullshit.
1. Occidental College records -- Not released
2. Columbia College records -- Not released
3. Columbia Thesis paper -- not available, locked down by faculty
4. Harvard College records -- Not released, locked down by faculty
5. Selective Service Registration -- Not released
6. Medical records -- Not released
7. Illinois State Senate schedule -- "not available"
8. Law practice client list -- Not released
9. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate - - Not released
10. Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth -- Not
11. Harvard Law Review articles published -- None
12. University of Chicago scholarly articles -- None
13. Record of baptism-- Not released or "not available"
14. Illinois State Senate records--"not available".
15. US Senate record -- mediocre yet the most liberal.
Hat Tip Dan Freidman
IF, and I mean IF Obama gets elected, this country is headed straight to hell. Francis Porretto expounds on the economic state of this country, and how Europe is already far, far ahead in their economic collapse. But then, anyone actually paying attention for the past decade would know that.

Ronald Reagan once famously quipped "A Communist is someone who had read Marx. An Anti-Communist is someone who understands Marx." I guarantee that Barak Obama has read Marx, and wholeheartedly agrees with the ideals expounded on in that Manifesto. He's the scariest nominee I can remember. He's to the Left of McGovern, and that's saying something.

Get out and vote. Get your friends out and vote. Don't let this commie bastard win.

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