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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lyudmilla, she ROARS!

So, I took the rear sight off of Lyudmilla and replaced it with a Weaver rail. Purchased a red-dot scope today at a local shop, mounted it, and headed to the range.

Took a little bit to zero her in. The light snow falling probably didn't help. But it's rather fitting for this rifle.

Once it was zeroed, took her to the 100 yard range. The scope dot is 5 MOA, so it pretty much covered up the entire target at that range. Did my best to get everything centered, and lit off a round. The guy behind the spotting scope said "Well, that's a dead deer right there!"

It's not pinpoint accurate, but with just a red-dot and no magnification I didn't expect it to be. It's as accurate as I can be, and that's all I wanted. I put four more rounds downrange just to make sure everything was properly set. All five rounds were in the proper area. I'm happy.


Almost forgot - on the way home, the Ragin' Mrs. and I stopped at a hunting store close to the house and got my hunting license. And four tags, two for bucks and two for does. I'm having venison this winter! Yes, I am!

I looked all around the shop, but I couldn't find any hunting regulations or tags for commies. Maybe they're just open season? Nah, couldn't be. Madison would be emptied out if it was. I'm sure that little oversight will be corrected at some point.

And yes, if it comes down to it I will be shooting commies with a former commie gun. Call it poetic justice.

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