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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Can we make it happen?

Anyone got an address for Gov. Palin to send correspondence (Thank You cards and letters) to?

Sarah Palin worked her heart out. She energized tens of thousands to come out who would have otherwise stayed home. She touched countless families. I didn’t agree with everything she said on the campaign trail. But two fundamental conservative stands she took mattered greatly to me: She vigorously defended the Second Amendment and the sanctity of life more eloquently in practice than any of the educated conservative aristocracy.

And she did it all with a tirelessness and infectious optimism that defied the shameless, bottomless attempts by elites in both parties to bring her and her family down.

Shame on the smearers who don’t have the balls to show their faces.

If it weren't for Sarah Palin, John McCain would have had his ass handed to him by the Chicago Communist. Seriously. I'm talking Walter Mondale asswhuppin, folks. I'm willing to bet that half of the votes he garnered were because of Palin, not himself. Palin was THE shot in the arm that conservatives needed. And now some dickless piece of shit wants to tear her down? Fuck him. Fuck him with a cedar fence post.

And all of this post election dumbfuckery from the McCain staff only shows that the Republican Stupid Party just doesn't get it. And it's not like people haven't been telling them how to win:

Wake up, and start acting like Republicans again. In case the Stupid Party has forgotten their roots (and it appears that they have), allow me to elucidate:

  • low personal income taxes
  • low corporate taxes
  • a strong military
  • less/little gun control
  • strong law and order
  • a non-accommodationist foreign policy
  • strict immigration control
  • less government intrusiveness and less government regulation
  • constructionist judges
There are more, of course, but those are the basic principles. Find someone who supports all those—not just in speeches, but in their actions—and we’ll see whether you pricks are worth supporting in 2010 and 2012.

And forget about all that social bullshit like abortion and religion (like this moron, who frets about BHO’s abortion position even as the country is poised to become a European-style socialist nation). Leave those issues alone. Those are private issues, and every time that Republicans listen to their extremist wing and start messing around with legislation in those areas, they get their asses handed to them.

You are a political party, not a social one. Stick to politics, and government. And maybe we’ll support

I don't think they're listening. I don't think they'll ever listen. The most Conservative congresscritter and the most Liberal congresscritter have more in common with each other than they'll ever have in common with you and I. And the conservative elitist buttmonkeys who swim in political circles are just as bad. THAT is why you saw so many supposed conservatives jumping ship this election. BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT CONSERVATIVE AT ALL! They were just D.C. insiders who cared more about getting invited to the right dinner parties than about the future of this country.

So fuck them. They left. DO NOT LET THEM BACK IN!

If the Republicans Stupid Party doesn't want to listen, then it needs to die as a political party, preferably as quickly as possible so that it cannot continue to hang around and continue it's destruction of the country.

That's why I'm a member of the American Conservative Party. Check out the link in the sidebar. Look at it for yourself. I'm betting that most of you have more in common with the philosophy of my political party than with the Republicans Stupid Party.

Anyways, it's time for me to shower and get ready for work. I'll see how much I feel like blogging when I get home.

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