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Saturday, November 15, 2008

"But why won't anyone listen to us?"

Hint to the gay protesters in California -

If you want to convince people of the justification for your position, it is best if you DO NOT start attacking and terrorizing the people who disagree with you. Attacking little old ladies, sending white powder to churches... not the way to do it.

Your strongest opposition comes from people who believe that your lifestyle is morally repugnant. When you respond with morally repugnant actions, you only prove your opposition is correct.

Not to mention, this could be a push-back from having a bunch of unelected black-robes push your agenda for you. You take the power out of the people's hands, chances are that they'll find a way to get that power back.

So maybe you need to start talking to people, and doing what you tell your opposition to do - compromise a little bit. Otherwise, expect more of the same.

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