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Friday, November 07, 2008

Another right wing wacko emerges

Yep, thanx to SlimyBill, another voice will occasionally contribute to this excellent collection of sanity in a world gone stone freaking mad.
Did anybody notice that even in the madly slanted exit polls, a lot more people describe themselves as conservatives than describe themselves as liberals?
Does anybody else think that we have a road map to victories, if only we draft leadership smart enough to read it and then follow it?
Think about this summer and the one bright light in the current Congress: the house GOP staying on the floor, even with the lights out and the cameras off, to push for an end to the offshore oil drilling ban?
We found out that 70 percent -- that's about 17 percent or so more than elected the O to the presidency -- were with us on that.
Where the hell was the campaign on that, other than Sarah?
Right now is the time to revive "drill here, drill now, pay less."
Newt, are you freaking listening?
Revive it. Beat the drum. Incessantly. Loudly. It's not over yet, but we can't freaking wait.
There are a lot of other issues where we right wing wackos have majority support -- if we can only get the leadership to get off their all-too-comfortable asses and start screaming.
It's going to take a certain discipline which we right wing wackos often lack.
But it's the only way to (1) drive the agenda in the right direction for this great country and (2) expose the fascists who now control the agenda for what they really are.
Let's get it started.

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