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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And since I've linked to Mr. du Toit

I may as well go for the family combo and link to Mrs. du Toit's piece as well. I was a bit hesitant to do so at first, because it's not a post that fills you with joy. But dammit... you don't deal with adversity by trying to hide from it.

The Perfect Storm.

This country officially tipped over the edge when congresscritters were talking about bailing out the catastrophe of their own creation (Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae) using taxpayer dollars. The successive bailouts that are coming are more of the same. They all address the symptoms, not the problem. You don't cure appendicitis by giving the person an asprin and sending them home - you cure it by cutting out the inflamed appendix before it ruptures and kills the person.

The Big Three haven't done that. They've tried to continue as if business is normal. They're just taking the asprin and saying they'll be alright. They've been doing it for decades. Which is why "The Rustbelt" exists, and has done so for decades.

And now this country has voted in a Marxist for President.

Imagine our entire country resembling Detroit. That's where we are headed.


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