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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why I said what I said

Folks, when I say that anything is better than that fucking communist Obama, I mean it. Am I all hot for McCain? No, the guy's a RINO at best. But he's still lightyears ahead of Obama, especially with a Democrat American Communist Party controlled Congress.

Remember that sub-prime mortgage crisis? It was brought about by the Community Reinvestment Act. Which was enacted by a Communist Congress and a dipshit Commie president, Jimmah "The Peanut" Carter.

Department of Energy - originally started to make America self-sufficient in energy production. It's a dollar sucking bureaucracy that does nothing but validate it's existence. An energy commission had been kicking around for decades, but it took, once again, a Communist Congress and a dipshit President. By the way, how much closer are we to energy independence in this country? Thirty years of this organization, and what do we have to show for it?

Department of Education - started by GUESS WHO, with a GUESS WHAT Congress. And what do we have to show for THAT? When my father went to high school, they were teaching calculus, Latin and Greek. Now they're teaching remedial math and remedial English in friggin' COLLEGE! I would submit to you that my father's high school education was of better quality and higher learning than most college education these days.

The bottom line is this - when the Democrat American Communist Party is in control of Congress and the White House, they saddle this country with expensive, non-productive boondoggles of the worst kind, and once those programs are in place there's no getting rid of them short of armed rebellion. The only way to stop it is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Have the Republicans been much better than the commies? Nope. That's why I'm not a republican. I turned THAT particular card into confetti years ago, and mailed it back to the RNC letting them know that when they decided to return to their conservative roots, they'll get me back as a member. Hasn't happened yet, and I don't know if it'll happen at all. But electing Barak Obama would be the national equivalent of suck-starting a shotgun. We still have a chance at getting the RNC back to what it needs to be, or at least getting independent conservatives elected to office. Obama and the corrupt shitbags in Congress, working together, would damage this country beyond repair.

And at that point things start to get messy.

I may use a bit of hyperbole when talking about Leftists turning themselves into legitimate targets. But another Civil War wouldn't do too many people much good at all. And God help us all if I'm forced to put the sights of my gun on another American, no matter how much I loath their political ideology. If it comes to that, I'll do what I have to do, and then I'm going to hunt down the bastards that forced it to come to that point.

So there you have it. Why I said what I said in the post below, and I stand by it. ANYTHING is better than a fucking communist in the White House.

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