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Monday, October 06, 2008

Well, yes.

The American Farmer has come upon a realization that has struck quite a few people quite a few times. But he boils it down quite nicely.

Liberals don’t understand violence. At all.

On a personal level, they don’t understand that anger can be directed and vented without causing harm, emotional or physical, to anyone or anything. They don’t understand that instruments of violence can be used in a way that doesn’t actually hurt anything. I think most importantly, they don’t understand that the inherent instinct to violence in men can be molded and shaped into a protective instinct rather than a predatory instinct.

With their misconception that all violence is inherently predatory, the only solution is that all violence must be banned. Thus – peace rallies, gun bans, and metrosexuals. They believe there is never (or perhaps, only extremely rarely) a justified use of violence, so all acts of violence are equally abhorrent, all people capable of violence need to be reprogrammed, and all instruments of violence need to be confiscated or rendered impotent. They fear violence, and those capable of it, so they seek to control people and things capable of violence via government.

Liberals do not understand the difference between violent+protective vs. violent+predatory. The mugger employs violence to cause enrich himself. I use violence to protect my family and my country. Those who beat their swords to plowshares usually end up plowing for the people who kept their swords.

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