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Saturday, October 11, 2008

ACORN strikes again.

In Pennsylvania.

Justice Sandra Newman, accompanied by Dauphin County District Attorney Edward Marsico and Pennsylvania Republican State Chairman Robert Gleason, expressed her concerns at a Harrisburg press conference this morning. A thick document replete with photo copies of phony registrations and aerial shots of vacant lots used as "addresses" for "voters" was handed out to journalists.

"Between March 23rd and October 1st, various groups, including ACORN, submitted over 252,595 registrations to the Philadelphia County Election Board" with 57, 435 rejected for faulty information. "Most of these registrations were submitted by ACORN, and rejected due to fake social security numbers, incorrect dates of birth, clearly fraudulent signatures, addresses that do not exist, and duplicate registrations. In one case, a man was registered to vote more than 15 times since the Primary election."

Can we get FEDERAL CHARGES brought against these worthless bastards, please? IS ANYONE GOING TO JAIL OVER THIS CRAP?????

I keep hearing about how there'll be riots if Obama loses this election. I say bring it on. I'd love to see the cheating, worthless, anti-American fuckwits turn themselves into legitimate targets. Bring it, beeyotches. I've got some 7.62X39 ammo that's a little old and needs to be used up.

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