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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nice little rundown

Noel at Cold Fury has a nice little rundown of the Do-Nothing, most ethical Congress EVAH that must be read.

This Congress is a National Disgrace. Nancy Pelosi’s National Disgrace Congress of 2008.

Harsh? I don’t think so.

Take Charlie Rangel. On his 5-week paid vacation, he went to his tax-free Carribbean condo. It’s not supposed to be tax-free, it just worked out that way. Charlie is the Ways & Means Chairman, the committee which writes our tax laws. If he can’t understand his own tax laws what hope do the rest of us have?

Charlie blames the condo staff because they speak Spanish. But US tax law is written in English. Allegedly.

Joe Biden says paying high taxes is patriotic. I don’t think he should question Charlie’s patriotism like that.

It turns out that AIG had so much extra money laying around that they gave Charlie 10 million dollars for his “foundation”, because they care so deeply about good government. The Good News: surely they don’t need that giant bailout if they’ve got that kind of money to burn!

Will Charlie step down from his chaimanship? Of course not; this is the National Disgrace Congress.

Note that I am not surprised at how corrupt the Democrat American Communist Party controlled Congress is. Hell, I predicted it when they took over. The Left only cares about power, nothing else.

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