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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Unintended Consequences

Kim du Toit has a post up linking to several female bloggers about older, unmarried men. He simplifies it down to two catagories:

Older men who have never married fall into two categories:

  1. They’ve never met a woman decent enough to sacrifice their eternal freedom for, or
  2. They’re such fuck-ups that women who meet them would rather become nuns than marry them.
There's several reasons for all of this hoo-ha, but the bottom line is this: It is the unintended consequences of radical feminism and the "no-fault" divorce laws. Look at how many men end up paying thousands of dollars a month upon getting a divorce. Men who's financial lives, if not their personal lives have been absolutely wrecked. Men who end up working like dogs just to be able to afford an apartment and a used car, because all the rest of their cash is going to someone who is no longer part of their lives. Well, the men who haven't been married yet are looking at all of this and saying "You want me to get in line for that? No thank you."

Make it harder to get married. Make it harder to get a divorce. And don't punish just one side of the equation in the divorce proceedings. Perhaps then you'll see a slow societal change in regards to marriage. But so long as men keep getting screwed during and after a divorce, more and more men will simply decide that the risk isn't worth the reward.

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