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Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama is still an idiot

I caught wind of this Obama moment, where he again went off the teleprompter and again made an ass of himself. I know that most Leftists are so in love with the Lord Messiah Obama that they refuse to admit that he's anything but perfect and stuff, but this ought to worry the HELL out of anyone with half a brain. There's no teleprompter when you're dealing with the leaders of other countries! "Hold on Mr. Putin, let me get my script." NO! FAIL! "I'm sorry Mr. Ahamdinijad, let me find my prepared script before I talk with you." NO! FAIL! "I'm sorry Mr. Kim Jong Il, but without my prepared statements I just can't answer your question." NO! FAIL! This guy is a frigging JOKE! If it weren't for the whores of the MSM propping him up, he wouldn't even have a chance to sniff the Oval Office.

God help us if he gets elected.

Anyways, Rachel Lucas has a good take down on him. "We need to learn Spanish. We can't speak more than one language. It's embarrassing." Whatever, you elitist fuckhead. I want someone to actually look at a friggin' map, as Ms. Lucas does - you drive 100 miles in Europe, and you're in another country that speaks another language. You drive 100 miles in America, and chances are you haven't even left your own state yet! My home state of Idaho is over 400 miles from top to bottom! I can get on Highway 95, drive south all damn day and when I stop I'm still in Idaho! I'll start at Sandpoint and end up near Boise. An all day drive. One state.

I can drive from the Puget Sound to the Florida Keys, close to 3,000 miles, and not speak anything but English. Nobody in Europe can say the same thing about their language. Besides, the way the population demographics are headed in Europe, they'll all be speaking one language soon enough: Arabic. That's what happens when you surrender without a fight.

Anyways, I'm off to try to figure out just what the hell I'm going to do with the car. Toodles.

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