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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Video: Hannity on the Obama-Khalidi connection

It's not just "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright publishing Hamas, supping with Edward Said, marching with "Minister" Louis Farrakhan, video endorsements from Ali Abunimah or Hamas or Iran or Hatem El-Hady, or his delegate James Yee...

Nope, apparently there is much more to the relationship with the PLO's Rashid Khalidi:

Ed Morrissey:
Khalidi, a Yasser Arafat toady, got $75,000 through Obama and Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers from the Woods Foundation, and later Khalidi returned the favor by hosting a fundraiser for Obama. Obama “lavished praise” on Khalidi in 2003 when the former PLO functionary took a job at Columbia University, according to an LA Times article last year. It’s hardly ancient history, and Khalidi is hardly an acquaintance.

How long will it take before Obama claims that Khalidi “isn’t the man he knew”?

Oh yeah, that terrorist apologist, and terror bomber, William C. Ayers.

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