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Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh hell....

New Joisey has just produced a gun ban that boggles the mind. It hasn't been signed into law yet, but c'mon, this is frikkin' New Jersey. Is there any doubt that it'll get signed?

Because.... yannow.... there are so many criminals going on shooting rampages with muzzle loaders, right? Gotta ban those suckers! Anyone who tried to tell you that the gun-banners only want to take away those evil "assault" weapons, well, they lied. Anyone who tries to say that the gun grabbers don't want to ban hunting weapons, well, they lied. The gun bigots lie. It's what they do.

Go look at the list. And if there's anyone out there with a Lexus/Nexus account, would you care to try to match ANY of the guns being banned with a crime? Because I haven't seen any news reports that state the robber used a FLINTLOCK RIFLE to hold up a store.

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