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Thursday, June 12, 2008

First it was Kelo vs. New London

And now this. Giving enemy combatants the rights of a US Citizen? The very rights that our enemies today want to destroy? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?

I think I like S.H. Long's take:

How many times in your lifetime have you watched a film about some aspect of Hitler's rule, and say, "Why didn't they just stop him?" Or, "Why did they line up over those open pits without putting up a fight?"

Now think back to what it was you said you'd do in those circumstances, and do it.

Yeah, I can just see it now.....


"You have the right to remain silent...."


"You have the right to an attorney....."

UPDATE: OK, so it looks as if SCOTUS didn't define anything - they struck down current rulings? Status? on how the terrorist tumblefucks should be treated. In short, it's one massive clusterfuck, all thanks to a bunch of black-robed tyrants.

Yay. Sondra K. has quotes from the dissent. My question is, what is it going to take before common folk simply start ignoring the Supreme Court? To be honest, I was at that point after Kelo. Why should I listen to a bunch of people in D.C. when they obviously are so mentally twisted that they could issue a ruling like that?

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