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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nancy Pelosi(D) smears the troops

She says Iran is letting us win in Iraq...
Nancy Pelosi Puts Credit for Surge's Success Where It Belongs: The Goodwill of IRAN
Oh. My. God. -- Ace
Will she also thank Al Qaeda for scaling back its beheadings and bombings
This sort of willful naivete about Iran’s motives — in this case coming from a woman who not only felt compelled to meet with Assad but whom one House Democratic aide admitted would be “furious” upon hearing Murtha’s report of progress in Iraq — is right at the heart of it.
Who needs Barack Obama if the Bush administration is generating so much Iranian goodwill?
Gateway Pundit
Iran was responsible for killing at least 170 Americans in Iraq in 2007.

But, please don't question her patriotism.

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