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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Here's a must read

That I found on Kim du Toit's blog. Peter Hitchens:

Their minds are fixed on the knives. We must have more searches, more bans, 'tougher' penalties (we all know what happens to those). They refuse to consider that this is a matter of the human heart. You need to be immoral to be able to stab another person. A person properly schooled in right and wrong is safe with any weapon. A person with no idea of good and evil is unsafe with a knitting needle, or the cap from a ballpoint pen. The prisons are full of home-made weapons constructed, with the aid of evil intent, from the most innocent things. Do they seriously propose to ban knives, to force us to eat with plastic cutlery at home? On this dim logic, it can't be long before kitchen shops are forbidden to sell knives without demanding background checks.

The crucial thing is to realise why their minds are closed to this blindingly obvious truth. The old rule, that there are none so blind as those who do not wish to see, applies here.

Emphasis mine. There is so much truth in that one statement alone that it needs to be carved into the foreheads of every last congresscritter who advocates gun control.

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