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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Compare and Contrast, If You Will...

Republican Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner co-sponsors a bill to pull the plug on the insanity of continuing to squander tax dollars on unchecked subsidies to the ethanol industry, which, after almost 27 years, still hasn't been able to turn a profit.

Sensenbrenner Cosponsors Legislation To End Ethanol Mandates

Meanwhile, a Governor wants:

A fast food tax to help NJ hospitals? Corzine open to idea

Guess how long and hard I had to look to find out Gov Jon Corzine's party affiliation? How many news articles I had to look at? I finally drummed it up on Wikpedia. Go on, guess what it is. Come on, it's an easy one....DEMOCRAT!

Progressives want taxes on gasoline to pay to fight global warming. Now one of them wants to tax fast food to bail out a failing health care system? Yes, lets use tax money to offset mismanagement!

Progressive Greenies don't want us to drill in the Gulf of Mexico because it could damage the ecosystem. Meanwhile, tons of nitrogen from fertilizer used on corn for ethanol production is being flushed into the Gulf of Mexico, actually damaging the ecosystem. According to the pukegressives, we shouldn't use coal, can't shouldn't use oil, and shouldn't use nuclear power. WTF is left?! Solar?! Wind?! Methane from landfills? {{snort}} Yeah, right. That'll keep our highly industrialized nation going strong, eh?

These nutjobs won't be satisfied to everyone (else) is sitting around in yurt wearing clothes handwoven from hemp, eating roots and berries gathered without the use of an internal combustion engine. This, apparently, is what passes for "Progress" in their world.

If we get too much more "Progressive," we'll have to reinvent fire. Well, no, actually, probably a bad idea. Too much carbon monoxide.

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