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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

AP: Military Hits Recruiting Goals Despite ‘Slow Economy,’ and ‘Unpopular War’

Warner Todd Huston at Stop The ACLU:
Don’t you just love the MSM? They can’t even report good news without interjecting their doom and gloom, agenda driven verbiage into any report.
After giving us the details that the Marines surpassed their recruiting goals the AP had to remind us that U.S. forces were “stretched thin by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan” and that those joining the service are doing so because — and here is that old canard again — “other job possibilities” are limited for them.
... many times do we have to prove the they-can’t-get-a-job claim made against our recruits is not true?
The old "Stupid Troops" BigLie piled up upon the "Failure to make recruiting goals" Big Lie...

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