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Monday, March 24, 2008

I guess $5000 doesn't buy much these days

Well, Eliot Spitzer must be a bigger idiot than I previously thought. Let's say you're the gov of New York. Let's say you're into hookers. Let's say you've got five large in your pocket, plus a horrible blue-steeler that the wife just hasn't been able to satisfy. Who do you call for?

NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Just in case you were wondering.


Just for those who don't want to click the link, and I don't blame you, it's a washed-up floozy with fake boobs and no muscle tone what so ever. The only workout she ever gets is on her back.

Dude. Seriously. DOOD! Five large for THAT?!

If I were into hookers, which I'm not, for five thousand dollars I would expect the body of Angelina Jolie, the voice of Charlotte Church, and the morals of.... well, let's not go there. Safe to say, I'm married to a wonderful wife who gives me better.... well, I'd better not go there either. But anyways, five thousand dollars an hour for THAT?

Spitzer is a retard. Imagine how that's going to go down in history. "Oh yeah, I got busted banging a hooker who's gone down more than the Titanic. Her tits are as fake as Micheal Jackon's face! She's been stuffed more than a Thanksgiving turkey, and I paid FIVE GRAND for it! Yay me!" Idiot. Poltroon. Moron. Shithead.

You can thank Ace of Spades for the link, although "thank" is not quite the word I would use. Somehow, thanking somebody for causing projectile vomiting doesn't cross my mind.

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