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Monday, March 24, 2008

Free Trade?

Helping out our friends? Supporting freedom in South America? You would think that's a good idea, right? The Democrat American Communist Party doesn't think so. They're about to slam the door in the face of a country that wants to be an ally of the USA.

Now I'm no expert on Columbia, but unlike many people in the Democrat American Communist Party, I've actually been there. I've walked around Bogotá. I've spoken with people there, seen a few sights, and felt just a teeny little bit of the culture. Does Columbia have a few problems? Yes. But they don't have any problem that can't be worked through. They're not a basket case. They're a growing country that is struggling to control narco-terrorists that are funded by Marxist idiots from outside their borders.

You would think that helping Columbia combat the drug-runners would be an advantage to the USA, right? You would think that a free, open market in South America would be a good thing, right? You would think that having friends, not just allies but FRIENDS in this world would be a good thing, right?

So why the hell are the Democrat American Communist Party leadership snubbing Colombian President Uribe? We've had a parade of Leftists go down to give Venezuela's Chavez a knob-job while he spouts off anti-American rhetoric, but nobody seems to have time to spare to shake the hand of someone who wants to be an ally? If that doesn't prove how unfit the Left is to lead this country, I don't know what can.

Linked from Michelle Malkin.

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