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Friday, February 15, 2008

So let me get this straight

The Democrat American Communist Party is playing games with procedural votes, blocking bills from Sen. DeMint regarding the city of Bezerkely and their traitorous actions, and trying to push a contempt vote against two White House staff members. But somehow they don't have any time to actually do their jobs.

I think term limits for presidents has been a great idea. Now it's time to apply that idea to Congress, because I'm sick of every last Democrat American Communist Party member and Republican Stupid Party member who's been there longer than a decade. In fact, I'm so sick of politicians right now that should Washington DC go up in flames, I'd mourn the historical articles lost, I'd mourn the memorials that were burned down, but I wouldn't shed one damn tear for any prick in that city.

I remember going for a walk one time out near my parent's house, and coming across the body of a squirrel. The thing that I remember was that the squirrel was moving. I looked closer, and the squirrel was quite dead. In fact, the movement was the maggots, bugs and other vermin inside the dead squirrel, eating and shitting and eating and shitting. The only thing really left of the squirrel was skin and bones. The rest was maggots and worms, moving underneath the skin.

That, to me, is the picture perfect definition of Washington DC. Oh, there's skin and bones there, but everything else in the city is just another worm.

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