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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Orange Ribbons for Al-Qaeda

Remember the Hollywood smear:
Hollywood smears the troops again
First clip is the troops, second clip is from five minutes later, in which the winner of Best Documentary — a film about American soldiers beating a man to death in Afghanistan, natch — pays his own little tribute. -- AllahPundit
Well now it turns out
Hollywood And The Trendy New “Terrorist” Ribbon
The hot fashion accessory [at Sunday’s Oscar ceremony] was apparently orange ribbons and bracelets in solidarity with terrorist suspects in Guantanamo...
The Hollywood Liberal wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a red, white, and blue ribbon, which makes one wonder why they had our troops in Iraq present an Oscar the other night when their hearts are really with those poor sexist, racist, homophobic, theocrats who wear orange jumpsuits.
See Dubya notes
Record, film industry still backing antiwar horse (or, maybe just beating its corpse)
Nope... they are not kidding...
Gateway Pundit notes
ACLU Behind Orange Gitmo Lapel Ribbons At Oscars
Allison Walker, the entertainment industry liaison for the ACLU, which sponsors the Close Guantanamo campaign and distributes the ribbons. Walker is a former talent agent who once worked at William Morris.
I read about a bunch of gay activists that gleefully went to New York to march in solidarity with their oppressed Palestinian-Arab "brothers" and got the sh*t beat out of them when those same "brothers" realized they were a bunch of "gay activists". I am reminded of that because it illustrates why I despise the LibRules. They're hypocritical advocacy for preferential treatment for their special victim classes boils down to anyone who isn't a straight white-male is "oppressed" and deserving of tax-payer subsidies.

Well... Males are less then 1/2 the population, Whites are about 3/4, and straights are about 98-99%... so do the math. Straight White Males are only 1/3 of the population and that makes us a true minority.

If we oppressed straight white males own everything maybe we're just better then you?

Now... consider what happens if Islam wins out and the USA converts to Sha'aria law tomorrow? For a member of the "establishment" like myself I just put a bag over the wife's head, maybe pick up 2-3 additional underage "wives", go through the motions at the local Mosque with my fellow misogynists and studiously look the other way as all the Gay men, Lesbian women, academics, artists and rape victims are rounded up and stoned to death.

The Quran doesn't have a "useful idiot" exception for orange ribbons.

You can play this game at home... simply compare the "special victim classes" demand to the actual consequences of that Leftist's successful indulgent support of the Jihadists, either by active support, selective outrage or apathetic acceptance.

Lets start with "Gay Marriage", that statistics demonstrate homosexuals don't even want, which would result in death by hanging.

Or how about abortion? Oops... sorry... you'll be buried up to your neck and stoned until you bleed to death out your eyes.

Universal Health Care? Nope... sorry... if you examine the economically self-crippled Islamic economies you'll notice they can't steal from the tax-payers for any social services at all.

That's because all of the state's funds, however little that is, will be dedicated to expansion of the military.

Expect to see drilling anywhere the state cares to throw up a drilling rig too...

Freedom of Speech goes out the window along with academic freedom as every school is converted to study of the only book not worth burning, the Quran.

How much "Separation of Church and State" is there in an Islamic theocracy? Ah... not so much.

But don't complain to me... unless you want to be denounced as an apostate and hanged... with an orange rope.

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