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Friday, February 15, 2008

My only thoughts on the latest school shooting

Police and related law enforcement personnel do not prevent crimes. They either deter, or respond and investigate.

If a criminal is not deterred, then there is usually only one person left to actually prevent the crime.

The victim.

If that victim is unable to prevent the crime from occurring, the police will soon thereafter respond and investigate. All too often bringing a coroner with them.

As I've said before, playing nice only works if you are playing with nice people. When dealing with crazies or desperate criminals, speed, shock, and firepower are better bets.

Unfortunately, in todays increasingly liberal education institutions, too many young men and women who have been brought up to hate and/or fear guns are uniquely unsuited to defend themselves.

Me? If I went back to school, I'd carry regardless of the "gun-free zone" signs. You know, just like the bad guys do. Does that make me like the criminal? Well yes, but only in respect that we are now equally matched, instead of me being the lamb, and him being the wolf.

I guess I figure it's better to be a target in a gunfight than a target in a shooting gallery.

Sadly, the people that need to hear this the most, are the least likely to listen. I can only hope that, instead of call for even more gun control, these incidents will reveal what a failure "gun-free zones" are.

When terrorists were acknowledged as an ongoing threat to our airliners, the pilots were finally allowed to carry guns.

If our schools are being targeted, why not permit teachers to carry guns?

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