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Friday, February 29, 2008

Iraq vs. Congress

I have to admit, this kind of made me laugh, until I realized that Congress' failure to do a damn thing worthwhile can and will affect this country negatively for quite some time.

As I see it there are 5 completed areas of legislation that have been addressed by the Iraqi Parliament. The other 13 areas are in various stages of progress, but all indications show that plans, implementation and accountability are in place to properly scale each for Iraq.

The Democratic Party coming into power in 2006 had set 6 benchmarks for themselves and have not accomplished a single one, with the first being the most important:

1) Honest Leadership and Open Government

Iraq is, apparently, doing much better with two major ethnicities and a host of minor ones, tribal governments, multiple parties, two major religious sects and a host of minor ones, and having to work their way out of decades of dictatorship and come to means to work things out according the rule of law inside their Nation.

The US Congress can't find anyone that will actually lead it in an honest fashion nor promulgate openness in appropriations, oversight, or even keep to its Oath of Office. Unlike Iraq, the US Congress cannot even pass a budget on time nor pass any major legislation with regards to US security.

It is a failure.

Yer damn skippy it's a failure. And it will continue being a failure while we have the same communists, bureaucrats, hanger-ons, parasites, and other assorted teat-suckers who have been infesting Capitol Hill for decades still sitting in a position of power.

But to get them kicked out, we have to convince the dipshits who keep voting for them that they need to be kicked out. And how can you teach someone that doesn't want to learn?

Found at Ace of Spades.

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