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Thursday, January 03, 2008

What the HELL is this?

I just went to Fox News online, checked the news on Iowa, and the picture greeting me was this:

Click on it for bigger. Check out the photo of the guy on the the stage. He's running a vacuum cleaner damn near over the American flag which is LYING ON THE FUCKING GROUND!


I don't know what this guy's political affiliation is. For all I know, he's some schmuck hired to clean some stage. Whatever. WHY THE FUCK IS THE AMERICAN FLAG LYING ON THE GROUND? WHY IS THIS DOUCHBAG ALLOWING IT TO LIE THERE? WHY IS HE ABOUT TO SUCK IT INTO HIS VACUUM CLEANER?

There are some times when I wonder why the hell people are allowed to call themselves "Americans" when their actions show they are anything but.

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