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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It needs to be repeated

Government Health Care will KILL YOU.

In a New Year message to NHS staff, the Prime Minister indicates people may have to fulfil new "responsibilities" in order to establish their entitlement to care.

The new conditions could be set out in a formal NHS "constitution", Mr Brown says.

In his open letter to doctors, nurses and other health workers, the Prime Minister promises to press on with Tony Blair's reforms of the NHS, pledging more personalised care for all patients.

He adds: "We will also examine how all these changes can be enshrined in a new constitution of the NHS, setting out for the first time the rights and responsibilities associated with an entitlement to NHS care."

Creating formal conditions for treatment would build on recent controversial developments in health policy.

Despite the NHS commitment to provide free universal care, it is already common for doctors to set conditions on patients seeking treatment.

So the government gets to decide who gets care and when. Which means that there are quite a few people who are going to die, waiting for treatment that the government refuses to pay for, deal with, or administer.

Just keep all this in mind when you go to the polls. Keep this in mind when some Democrat American Communist Party member preaches about Universal Health Care. If your loved ones had cancer, where would you want them treated? Because right now we still have that choice. But should the Democrat American Communist Party take power, that choice will be removed from us.

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