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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What a disgrace

Can we just take the entire Kennedy clan and bury them somewhere? The entire family is an embarassment to America.

Once in a while, some lefty will send me an email purporting to demonstrate some connection between President Bush and the Nazis via his grandfather. It’s tenuous stuff, but there’s a segment on the conspiracist left and probably right that buys into it and thinks it should somehow convince people that Bush’s policies and especially the war in the here and now are driven by what his grandfather did or didn’t do several decades ago.

Meanwhile, in the here and now, we have Joe Kennedy, a member of America’s other dynastic political family, sucking up to a tyrannical thug who is openly hostile to the US. This thug has declared multiple times that he hates the US and our "imperialism” and at the last OPEC meeting said that he wanted to spark an oil war against us. This thug menaces our democratic allies in his neighborhood and builds alliances with the mullahs in Tehran among other bad actors on the world stage. In sucking up to him, Kennedy and his ilk are doing everything that the conspiracists accuse Bush’s grandfather of having done. And it’s going on right now, in front of our eyes. Yet I never hear criticism on this from any conspiracist, or indeed, just about anyone on the left. Ever.

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