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Friday, December 07, 2007

The War Against Christianity Continues

I can't believe this. I really, really can't believe this:

Crosses will be removed from badges worn by Spokane Police chaplains under terms of an out-of-court settlement between the city and a former Lutheran pastor-turned-atheist who sued over the government agency’s use of the insignias and Christian prayers.
So a MAN OF GOD is not allowed to wear the SYMBOL OF HIS FAITH on his uniform? Don't let this asshole get a hold of the military Chaplain's Corps!

His lawsuit claimed that the police department’s use of the Christian cross is an “impermissible incorporation of a particular religious symbol in a government insignia.”
I am so in awe of the huge, massive amount of stupidity it took to create that sentence that I'm just sitting here rather stunned. If one were to attempt to make an atheist, or a Jew, or a Muslim wear a cross, that would go against common sense, as none of those folks would be Christian or have any affiliation with the symbol of the Christian faith. But we're not talking about them. We're talking about Chaplains, the huge majority of which ARE CHRISTIAN! Regular police officers do not wear the cross on their badge. Only the chaplains. Why? Gosh, could it be because THEY ARE PASTORS AND PRIESTS AND DEACONS? WHAT A FRIGGING CONCEPT!

And I think the most telling line of the whole story is at the bottom:

Ideus was a Lutheran pastor for 30 years before he became an atheist. He and his wife, Lorraine, moved to Spokane from Kansas in 2003.

Ideus the Idiot is having a crisis of faith, or lack thereof, and wants to force his crisis on the rest of us. It truly is an assault on Christianity. Where Ideus once attempted to convert folks to religion, he's now attempting to convert folks to atheism. But now instead of trying to convince people about God, he's using the courts to enforce his lack of faith onto everyone else. I'm sorry that Ideus lost his faith. But when he tries to push is lack of faith onto everyone else, and uses the courts to do so, that pisses me off. Because Ideus has just made his lack of faith a problem for everyone else. It's the tyranny of the minority, enforced by a black robe behind a bench.

It's flat out bullshit.

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