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Friday, December 28, 2007

Pelosi(D) & Rangel(D) were warned

Pelosi(D) & Rangel(D) were warned that their games:
Pelosi Backs Higher Taxes
Would cause delays:
Democrats' failure to patch the AMT until after the deadline for printing IRS forms will result in tens of millions of late tax refunds.
But don't expect the MainStreamMedia to be honest on why you got screwed:
IRS says more than 3 million could have to wait until February to get refund
The (D)emocrats wanted tax increases AND a tax cut for the rich... so you pay.

The "BigLie"? It was the AMT that resulted in Bush's tax cuts targeting the middle class... the oft-repeated lie that Bush's tax cuts were for the rich is exposed by the (D)emocrats' scramble to raise the limit on the AMT that hits urban 'Blue' voters especially hard.

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