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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Patty 'Osama-Mama' Murray(D) smears the troops

Gateway Pundit catches her in the lie
because 'Fewer Soldiers Commit Suicide During Bush Years':
Senator Murray knows better.

A report released to Congress in July of this year showed that military suicides are much lower during the Bush years than the Clinton years.
What do you suppose drove our soldiers to commit suicide when the Clintons were in office?
The suicide rate for servicemen is lower then the same age group in the general population.

As Gateway pundit noted, Flopping Aces has
caught the (D)efeaticrats in the same lie
This is a perfect example of an article written with no real facts, just innuendo. Other then speaking to one young soldier, reading one entry in a soldiers blog, and checking the walls of a latrine, this writer at the Democrats Times of Los Angeles, Tina Susman, comes to the conclusion that the morale of our soldiers in Iraq is dipping.
This is reporting at the LA Times?
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